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Mount Pleasant, Exeter

Here we returned to build an archway with flaunched cast rendering around the brickwork. The house is over 100 years old, we used old bricks to make the wall look as old as the house!

simon wall new.jpg
steve gothic arches.jpg

Tipton St John, Sidmouth

 On this project we built 2 gothic arch decorative panels, Very excited job and the panels turned out amazing!

Pennsylvania, Exeter

On this big garden revamp, We build an 18 inch retaining wall, New brick piers for fencing, Built new steps with 2 different kinds of patio/path designs. Overall it turned out amazing.

debra 2.jpg
ruin st leonards_edited.png

St Leonards, Exeter

We built this Ruin in a clients garden that originally used to be a nursery in the 1920's until it got bombed in WW2, We used the original bricks and built on the original footprint to look like a bombed wall.

Alphington, Exeter

We took down this existing wall, cleaned every brick and relayed, Adding 3 expansion joints and re-enforcement tracks. The wall was over 31 metres long!

peter wall 6.jpg
marie patio.jpg

St James, Exeter

We took up an old patio, Built new brick wall and steps then laid this new sandstone patio!

Clayhanger, Tiverton

We build a garage here with a lean to entrance and potting shed, The gable has a featured decorative brick window, All works passed by building control


Woodbury, Exeter

We built a brick wrap around extension in woodbury, great brick choice from the client. Also we added a soldier course above all window and door openings.

St Thomas, Exeter

We have removed the original turfed area of grass, prepared the ground ready for a new patio and laid 600x600 charcoal grey slabs with added curve boarders

hilary patio.jpg
russell patio 1.jpg

Shillingford Abbot, Exeter

We lifted up an old patio and laid a new sandstone patio with a semi circle edging. The patio has also been sealed and we rendered some old stone buttresses.

Woodbury, Exeter

We completed a raised patio in woodbury where we built the brick extension, The raised patio is laid with porcelain tiles

simon brick paving.jpg

Central Exeter

Here we have laid old rustic brick paving to allow a ramp access and mobility path. beautiful finish for a very old garden

Heavitree, Exeter

In Heavitree we demolished 4 archways, Rebuilt with blockwork to the original measurements with added decorative stone, and rendered both sides.

mr ellis archway.jpg
bob patio.jpg

Pennsylvania, Exeter

On this site we ripped up the old patio and walling, moved the new brick wall forward 600mm and laid porcelain slabs, we also added 2 new steps to the patio with a brick ramp.

Alphington Road, Exeter

Originally we was there to just repoint this wall but it was leaning and damaged to much to try and repair so we had to take both walls down and rebuild with the same stone. Many compliments from pedestrians.

lesley wall finished.jpg
ross brickwork.jpg

Countess Wear, Exeter

Here we have converted a garage opening into a window. now the garage is a office space, we formed a cavity and finsihed the brickwork to match the existing

Repointing in Exwick

A recent job completed- Repointing this wall in Exwick, Exeter. Using lime mortar to keep inline with how it was traditionally built. Here is an Before & After picture.

extension finished 2.jpg

St Johns Village Hall

We built an extension in torpoint for st johns village hall, we built all blockwork, from the footings up to wall plate height, we installed all dpc works and we liifted the steels up on to the padstones. All works was passed without any problems by building control

St Leonards, Exeter

We laid a new sandstone patio in this garden and we rebuilt 2 new garden walls.

john patio.jpg

Plymouth University

We built a recycling centre in scotts car park for Plymouth University. All blockwork from DPC up to wall plate was all 9 inch Blockwork and now its all jointed inside and the outside is cladded

Shillingford Abbot, Exeter

This wall is over 200 years old, we did a test panel for the conservational officer and it passed with no concerns, so we hacked out every joint, rebuild parts of the wall and repointed with lime putty.

pinhow wall.jpg

Pinhoe, Exeter

On this project in Pinhoe we removed an old fence, Moved the wall forward by over a metre, Built this 18/9 inch retaining wall and bolted a new straight edge fence to the blockwork.

Crediton, Exeter

This project involved us cladding this timber frame extension with blockwork. Stepped DPC trays above the led tray line was also put in for a lean to extension to be built . All works was passed by building control and the architect.

lean to 2.jpg
ottery wall.jpg

Ottery St Mary

We built a 9inch retaining wall to allow for a flat area of garden, we jointed the blockwork ready for a paint in the future

Ide, Exeter

Here we build a new retaining wall, With new steps up into a raised garden area. The blockwork was later cladded.

andrew wall 1.jpg
simon 2.jpg

Mount Pleasant, Exeter

We took down a very old leaning wall and rebuilt using the same bricks, we added 2 piers to give more strength and security.


Originally there was decking so we took up all the old decking, Prepped all the oversite and laid over 60m2 of sandstone patio slabs, we also did 6 steps and upstands to this patio.

pic 3.jpg
exeter wall 3.jpg

Heavitree, Exeter

We took down this curved wall all the way down to the footing as a car hit and damaged the original wall, we cleaned up every brick and rebuilt the wall to the same height as the original wall was.

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